015 – Chris Dunham, Mark Ellis and Michael Nelson


Another fun episode!  We chat about how Disney just purchased Lucasfilms, what we hope will happen, and all sorts of other Star Wars fun.  We also talk about the comedy scene, and much much more!  Don’t miss it!


014 – Ro Delle Grazie, Jason Love and Rev. Mitcz


What do you believe in?  We found out what these 3 comics believed in.  We talked about aliens, ghosts, God, the universe and Ouija boards!  Check these funny people out at www.rodellegrazie.com – www.jasonlove.com and www.riffin.net


013 – Brian Scolaro, Eljaye and Tamer Kattan


We’ve got Brian Scolaro (TBS’s Sullivan and Son, Fox’s Stacked, Dexter/Mad Men/ABC/NBC/TNT/Disney/HBO) plus Eljaye, and Tamer Kattan in the studio today talking about all sorts of fun topics including stand up comedy, the road, movies, and much much more!


012 – Bethany Dwyer, Julio Gonzalez and Mike Muratore


Another fun one with Bethany Dwyer from The Office/The Fred Show/Disaster Date, Julio Gonzalez – SoCal Headliner, and Mike Muratore from TBS/Comedy Time/Loco Comedy Slam.  Lots talk about circumcision, sex, and roofies!  Don’t miss it!


011 – Sam Tripoli, The Greg Wilson and Danielle Stewart


This was amazing…  These old friends talked about cocaine sex, social networking, Danielle’s last Comedy Bone appearance with Ari Shaffir, more sex, and we attempt to NOT talk about comedy.


010 – Tony Baker, Erin Brown and Dave Nunez


Fun episode with Tony Baker, Erin Brown and Dave Nunez!  We talked about tear-jerker movies, stand up comedy, a little relationship chat, and our favorite childhood cereals.  Don’t miss it!


009 – Shawn Pelofsky and Guy Groves


Shawn Pelofsky and Guy Groves join Comedy Bone for a fun discussion about relationships, marriage, astrology, and of course the stand up comedy game!  Don’t miss it and please subscribe!


008 – Eliot Chang, Rick Ingraham and Jen Hartnett


Comedy Central’s Eliot Chang joins Comedy Store regular Rick Ingraham and our lovely Irish comic Jennifer Hartnett!  We talk about fake boobs, mushrooms, erectile dysfunction, Hecklers and internet dating.  Don’t miss it!


007 – Joey Medina, Jen Murphy and Mike Muratore


Sex was not on the agenda for this podcast, but somehow we never steered away from it.  Check out Joey Medina, Last Comic Standing’s Jenifer Murphy and The Serial Killer of Comedy, Mike Muratore on this no holds barred episode!


006 – Rob Van Dam, Carlos Alazraqui and K-Von


Had a lot of fun with WWE/ECW/TNA wrestling champion Rob Van Dam, Reno 911’s Carlos Alazraqui, and Disaster Date’s K-Von!  We talked about wrestling, marijuana legalization, Rob’s new comic book and how he worked with Tommy Chong (Listen for his amazing impression of Tommy!) Carlos does some amazing voices too…  K-Von talks about his projects on this really fun episode!  Listen in…


005 – Freddy Lockhart, Steve Simeone, and Mark Ellis


Super fun episode with Freddy Lockhart, Steve Simeone and Mark Ellis from Schmoes Know!  We take questions from fans in the chat room, talk about The Comedy Store, movies, George Lucas and much much more…  Don’t miss it!


004 – Ari Shaffir, Eric Schwartz and Danielle Stewart


This episode was so good!  Ari Shaffir talks about drugs and religion…  We learn a lot about Eric Schwartz including how he got a nun fired.  Danielle Stewart tells us all about her ecstasy days and much much more.  Ari and D-Stew get into it for a few minutes too!  Brian Monarch hosts.  Please subscribe!


003 – Michael Kosta, Piotr and Vince Royale


We have a great show with Michael Kosta (Tonight Show/Comedy Central/Conan O’Brien) and master impressionist Piotr!  Also joining us towards the end is Vince Royale (Winner of SoCal’s Funniest Comic Contest.)  We also call my mom and ask her how many people she thinks I’ve slept with.  Don’t miss it!


002 – Melissa Villasenor with Dick and Darren Carter


Episode 2 was awesome!  Check out Melissa Villasenor from America’s Got Talent along with Dick and Darren!  Darren Carter and Dick Spenneberg visit Comedy Bone and we talk about all sorts of things including comedy pet peeves, Star Wars, and more!  Check it out now!


001 – Erik Griffin, Kyle D and The Greg Wilson


Our debut episode with Erik Griffin from Workaholics, Kyle D from Reno 911, and The Greg Wilson!  Erik loves pizza, and The Greg is a lot louder on the mic than anyone else.  Great talk with 3 awesome stand up comedians.

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